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I love traveling

Posted in Uncategorized on September 18, 2017 by me

I’m sitting at DCA/Reagan and waiting for my flight.  Sure, 14 hour flights stuck between two huge people in a tiny coach seat suck.  But other than that, I love being on the go.  Checking out new airports on layovers.  Metros.  Figuring out ground transportation in new cities.  Getting lost.  Trying not new foods and people watching.  And the act of traveling itself.  The thought that goes I to packing, joking with security and ticket reps, trying not to be the typical jackass that makes their day worse.  Refining my systems to make life easier.  Enjoying good purchases and systems that are paying off and helping me to enjoy the experience more.  Photography, curating my social media during downtimes.  Reading and watching movies.  All of it.


Dropping warheads on foreheads

Posted in Uncategorized on September 17, 2017 by me

This weekend while I’ve been in DC a friend of mine who lives in Maine was in town for business.  So after her meetings on Friday we had lunch.  Between lunch conversation and texts this weekend she dropped a lot of knowledge on me.  I’m not claiming it’s GOOD knowledge, but it’s knowledge and should be recorded for posterity.  Or something.

The first little kernel:

“What do we call people that we love hanging out with but don’t have sex with?  That’s right.  A friend”


“Maybe you just need to have her over, put a movie on, then part way through say ‘Slut, suck my cock!’ When you do this, proper movie selection is crucial.”


“You need to get yourself some east coast underwear.” When I was complaining about the humidity.


Posted in Uncategorized on September 16, 2017 by me

it has been a weird couple of weeks.  lots to type out someday, when I’ve got a real computer with a real keyboard.  work drama, dating drama, good stuff with the kid (amazing stuff really, so wonderful and scary watching him turn into a man), dad’s doing well with his post-cancer life but there are some issues.  reasons why I’m back here writing.  weird dating experiences.  my poor friend who’s dealing with some terrible medical stuff.  marla was back in my life briefly and it was wonderful to joke with her, before all the other stuff she was my best friend for so long and I missed that.  and she’s gone again now, because the reason why we were talking is passed.  and,and,and.

I’m in DC this weekend for a friend’s retirement and it’s been a crazy emotional trip so far.  so good to see old friends, so good to be back in this town.  this guy and I go back 22 years and I cant believe how fast that time has gone by and the stories we have to tell.  and so weird to be sitting in the reserved seating section with so many generals as an “honored guest”.  once again, I’m amazed that someone thinks I had such a positive impact on their life.  his speech was great, and I hardly slept for hours last night thinking about the events of the day and his words.  then I crashed and slept like the dead for 8 hours.  it blew some circuits out.  I’m so happy for him, and so excited to see what comes next.  but at the same time, I was so jealous that he got that opportunity for closure that I didn’t, got the opportunity to prepare mentally, to go through the steps, to thank and be thanked.  I wonder if he has the perspective right now to appreciate that?

I’m just rambling now, and wasting time when I could be out sightseeing, so I’m going to go.  [

Happy Trails…

Posted in Uncategorized on February 3, 2016 by me

I was leaving for work the other morning and my neighbor came rushing out of her house to talk to me.  Their house had been broken into one night while they were out.  Rooms had been tossed, credit cards and jewelry and other small, portable valuables stolen.  The police really had no leads and they no longer felt safe or comfortable in their own house, where they’d lived for decades.  As much as they hated to consider it, they were thinking about moving.

I’ve had a lot of time to think over the last 36 hours.  This blog has been my “home” on the web for 7 years or so.  I’ve used this as a tool to process and work through so, so many things.  Divorce, deployments, breakups, emotional and spiritual changes I wanted to make, layoffs, deaths, family issues and many more that I’m sure I’m forgetting.  I’ve made friends through this blog.  But due to circumstances beyond my control, I don’t feel comfortable here anymore.  So it’s time for me to move.

I’ve set up a new blog.  If you’re interested in making the jump with me, hit me up with an email at and I’ll share the address with you.  Or social media.  Or leave a comment below with your contact info.  Or phone, or carrier pigeon.  I don’t want to lose you if you’ve been following me.  The interaction is part of what makes this such a valuable medium for me.

Thoughts from the bathroom floor

Posted in Uncategorized on February 2, 2016 by me

My body has been violently trying to expel something I ate that it doesn’t like for the last 12+ hours.  Yay!  I haven’t seen much but my bed and the toilet bowl since I got home from work yesterday.  I went out to the kitchen once at about 2:00am to feed the dog b/c I was feeling a tiny bit better but that’s it.

Back in September or so I wrote a post about how waking up in the middle of the night in extreme pain in an empty house is a pretty good way to feel alone.  No family in town to call, no GF or wife in bed next to you…  Dealing with food poisoning is a pretty good way to feel the same way.  No one to get you Pedialyte or Gatorade or rub your back while you’re puking.  Of course, there’s no one to hear the gross sounds coming through the bathroom door either so it kind of washes out.  There’s friends I could call, but it’s a pretty big imposition at 2 in the morning.

So.  While I was sitting on the bathroom floor, hugging the toilet…

  • I need new bath mats.  Mine are getting a little threadbare and they’re not soft to sit on for too long.
  • I don’t know why, but my whole freaking body aches.  Once I can keep something down, I’m hitting the ibuprofen hard.  For some reason I want to sleep on my right side and my shoulder, hip and ribcage on that side feel like I’ve been sleeping on a steel mattress or something.  Huh.  Might be some Habitat for Humanity pain mixed in with the other unpleasantness actually.
  • I’m so freaking dehydrated.  The room is spinning, I feel weak as a kitten, I’m a tiny bit worried about falling over while rushing to the bathroom…  If this was back in the barracks I’d be able to get someone to stick me and hang a couple bags of Ringer’s Lactate.  I’m throwing up much less frequently so I’m able to start sipping some water.  Oh.  And we’re having an awesome snowstorm that’s going to make heading out for Gatorade later fun.
  • I feel so yucko and dirty.  3 showers throughout the night haven’t helped.  I can’t wait for this to pass to scrub down again and finally feel clean.
  • So.  Damned.  Cold.  Throw up violently for 2 minutes, end up burning hot and covered in sweat from the effort.  Then two minutes later cool off and have the sweat evaporate and end up shivering on the floor waiting for the next wave to come.  Soaking in hot showers and falling asleep bundled up under the electric blanket hasn’t done much to help.  I hate to say it, but she was right.  I need some body-to-body heat exchange ala “The Saint”.
  • Oh shit.  Here comes the next wave.


Protected: You know what puts a spring in your step?

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Protected: Something else to purge

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