I love a good nap

Especially in the winter-time.  I love falling asleep while it’s still a little light out and waking up in the dark.  Not having to wake up to bright daylight and feel guilty about not rushing outside to do things.  Being able to lay there and just think my thoughts.  Curled up under my woobie.  Drifting in and out of serious thoughts and this happy hazy fog.  If I’m single, or sleeping alone I love to pull an air purifier into bed with me, and feel the vibrations of the fan shaking my pillow, just further putting me into this zen state.  Of course, if I’m NOT single, it’s even nicer to be curled up with someone and just spend hours talking about everything and nothing.

It’s restorative in a lot of ways, and not just because I’m tired.  This last summer was go-go-go.  It’s nice to slow down a little.


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