The Noggin

So it’s been a running joke for awhile now (not necessarily a funny one, just a running one) that if I hit my head any more times I’m going to have to start wearing a helmet.  Not so much of a joke anymore.  Or funnier than ever.  I’m not sure which.

I had that bad concussion back in April.  I still don’t remember most of April and May.  Before that I was having issues from the TBI caused by an explosive blast in Iraq.  Anxiety was/is impacting me in ways I still haven’t fully realized.  Issues with attention span and short term memory problems.  Some other emotional issues like increased irritability, etc.

But some other things have been popping up, most likely as a result of the TBI and aggravated by the concussion.  A couple of weeks ago I had a terrible bout of vertigo.  It last for the better part of three days.  The vertigo has come back a couple of times since then, but then it’s only lasted for the rest of the day after it’s popped up.  I went to a doctor after the first time and was told that it might be an inner ear issue.  Bad tinnitus can apparently progress to include vertigo.  So I was sent to an audiologist.  I’m losing more of my hearing, but there was nothing jumping out as a cause.  Once they ruled out obvious ear issues they created a referral to an ENT specialist.  That visit hasn’t happened yet.  But in the meantime I got in to see my primary care physician today.

She connected a lot of dots that I wasn’t.  Not only do I have the vertigo problem but big, significant chunks of my long term memory are dropping out.  Not just the short term stuff that I’ve started to overcome by writing things down, notekeeping, keeping emails, etc.  Big chunks of my life are disappearing.  I can remember remembering things, telling stories about my childhood or boot camp or deployments or whatever, but I can’t remember the actual event, or person or image or whatever.  And all those other problems as well.

So I’ve got another referral to the VA’s TBI clinic.  Hopefully that’ll happen sooner rather than later, hopefully they’ve got some mechanisms to manage this, to stop, or at least slow the memory loss and the vertigo.



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