My Family…

So.  I came across my emotional screwed-upped-ness honestly.

My little sister got engaged this weekend.  Saturday morning she sent a text with a picture of her bf proposing to her with the message “So this just happened…”

About three seconds later I get a call from my mom.  “What should I do?  Should I call her?”  “Yes mom, your daughter just sent you a photo of herself getting engaged.  You should call her.  And sound happy and excited.”  “Are you sure?”  “Yes mom.  I’m sure.  If she can’t talk, she won’t answer.  Then you leave a message.  And sound happy and excited.”  “Ok.”

I texted the story to my sister later that night.  She laughed.  Over text at least.  She texted something to the effect of “She did call.  And she DID sound happy and excited.  In fact I think she made it through the whole call without saying anything bitchy.”

Somehow or another I became the normal one in the family.


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