Interesting Twist…

For years I’ve been the one that looks after friends and could be counted on to help out in a pinch.  Moving, resume help, car repairs, trips to the airport, whatever.  I’ve spent most of the summer helping a good buddy deal with a rough break up.

It’s been an odd couple of years.  Some real ups and downs this last year on the dating front, amongst others.  I don’t need to go into it all again, but this last summer has been irritating.  Not as painful as last year but there’ve been frustrating false starts.  Between that, work drama, family stuff, health stuff and some interactions with PG…  Things have just piled up a little.  No biggie, none of it is that traumatic or anything, just a bit of weight.  But I haven’t been doing as much the last couple of months.  Less happy hours, less dinners, less biking.  And I haven’t been coordinating anything.  Typically, introverted as I am, I’m still the one that usually gets a bunch of people together for things.

This last week or three, people have been reaching out to me.  Inviting me out to dinner, sending me invites to happy hour or trivia.  This morning I got dragged to a 10k and my little circle is pushing me to commit to some events in the next month and talking about holiday plans.  I’ve gotten some texts and emails to check up on specific things, the work drama and the dating sitch.  Every couple of days, someone is trying to drag me out to run or bike, knowing I need it for my lungs.

It’s nice that the group is really gelling.  Looking after itself without me, that I’m no longer the nexus.  It’s fun to see pics on FB of people who never used to know one another until I introduced them out having fun.  And even nicer is having them looking after me.  Kind of a nice feeling to know that this safety net is being built underneath me and is getting stronger all the time.


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