So I went out for lunch on Tuesday and was going to stop at Target on the way back to work. On the way I got really lightheaded, it almost felt like bad motion sickness except I didn’t have the nausea. Now, I knew it was leukemia, but I’d be lying if I said “Ack, my sister found out she had leukemia because she fainted twice and now I feel faint” didn’t rush through my head in way less time than it took you read that.

The feeling stuck around all night Monday and was there when I woke up Wednesday so I called and got a doctors appointment. Turns out it’s vertigo, a possible wonderful side effect of my tinnitus, ’cause the constant ringing ears isn’t bad enough. Oh well, it’s way better than what it could’ve been. And it might not have anything to do with the tinnitus, I might have a mild ear infection or something that’s causing problems.

So I’ve got referrals to inner ear and eye specialists. While there I also got a prescription for a different med that might help with some other symptoms of the TBI/PTSD and, coincidently enough, might mitigate the vertigo.

While the doctor and I were talking he was going thru my history and saw how long I was taking prednisone. We talked about that for awhile and one of the side effects that he reminded me of was how badly it can mess with your emotions. Interesting, they only talked about anger when I was first prescribed and they really focused on the taper process. This doc was talking about other severe effects it could’ve had in me while I was in the drug, especially because I was in such a high dose, for so long.

Now, I take full responsibility for my actions, but it was interesting to hear this guy give some examples of how this could’ve negatively impacted my relationships with my friends and family, coworkers, and more importantly PG and The Boy. That was a blow and it’s still hard to process.


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