I would be so easy to manipulate.  Point out some gap between my behavior and my self image (real or perceived gap) then get out of my way and watch me struggle to close it.  Once I got over being defensive about it, of course.

I’ve written a couple of times about wearing this KIA bracelet for Charles B. Kitowski III.  I wore it fairly religiously for almost 7 years.  Last year it was a big thing for me to stop wearing it for a couple of weeks and get past some of the guilt I associated with it.  Me doing things b/c Kit wasn’t here to do them.  Pushing myself to experience things because I could, that kind of thing.

At some point this summer it snagged on something and it fell off and I didn’t realize it until many miles down the road.  I’ve honestly been a little lost without it and I’ve been trying to figure out what to do about it.  Just buy any bracelet?  Leatherman has a cool multi-function tool in bracelet form that appeals to my MacGuyver/boyscout side.  Just keep an eye out for another POW/MIA/KIA bracelet?

I ended up ordering two new bracelets with Charles’ data on it.  They’re a little dressier than what I had before.  Very little.  Just stainless steel instead of anodized aluminum.  And I did a little research on him.  Someday maybe I’ll post some of the videos and articles and letters that impacted me.  One of the interesting things to learn was that while we were typical, lazy Army guys in our nicknaming his family and close friends called him “Trey” or “Trey-boy”.  So that’s what will be on the new ones instead of “Kit”.

It’s just part of me now.  My self image is that I’m the guy that carries Kit around with me wherever I go.  They haven’t even shown up yet and already I feel more at ease knowing they’re on the way.


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