Night Moves

In basic training we went for months without music.  Which, next to a lack of sleep, was probably the hardest part of it for me.  When graduation rolled around I was one of only four people who didn’t have friends or family there, so I couldn’t leave the base.  The four of us had to stay in the barracks while everyone else got to go into town with their families.  They got to eat real dinner in a restaurant for the first time in almost three months, stay in a hotel, the works.

The Drill Sergeants took pity on us.  We didn’t get any of that stuff but we did get to walk over the PX for a little bit.  I bought a CD player and a couple discs for that night and for the plane ride to A.I.T. the next day.

One of the CDs I bought was Bob Seger’s Greatest Hits.  Night Moves has always been able to have an impact on me.  When I’m rushing around town I can flip right through it.  It’s not something I HAVE to listen to.  But when I’m home playing music on the stereo and it comes on…


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