Movies and Such

American Sniper is a topic of discussion for a lot of people lately.  So nothing special here.  A friend saw it weekend before last and sent me a pretty heart warming message.  I finally saw it this past weekend and it’s been on my mind a bit.  They’re in Boston and there was the big snowstorm so I emailed them today to see how they were doing and let them know I saw it.  They asked how was it for me.  I was telling them that the war stuff, the footage in Iraq that everyone thinks would be the hard part, wasn’t, not really.  There were some tough scenes to watch, but some of them made everyone squirm.  What was hard were the scenes where he was yoyo-ing between home and down range.  And when he finally came home for good.

The phrase I used in my email was “choosing between family and family”.  Dad called me tonight and we were talking about the movie and we talked about that phrase again, and it’s true.  He gets it, he did Vietnam.  But the reality is, that was tough for me, that guilt tore me up for years.  Choosing between the two.  And I beat myself up for that, probably even more so this last year with everything that’s happened.  But the funny thing?  Do you know how many people have come and gone since some of those trips?  My ex, for sure.  Girlfriends and friends.  Jobs and houses and apartments and cars and pets.  People I loved and things that made me happy.  But that other family?  They’re still there.  Those Army guys are still calling me, emailing, touching base with me.  We’re still having beers and running ten-milers and going longboarding and checking in on one another, nagging one another for our health and well being.  So maybe I’ll let myself off the hook a little more.


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