I’m Such a Nerd

BK got invited to a BBQ Saturday night.  As part of the deal she had to make a dessert.  We were hanging out together during the day, going longboarding and such, and she’d invited me to the BBQ.  We decided it’d be easier to make a dessert at my place and then leave from there so after we were done skating we went to my house and started baking, and promptly found out that I was short on butter so I rushed over to the grocery store.

I get the butter, I get in line.  The guy in front of me has a bill for $20.79.  He runs his debit card.  Declined.  The cashier takes a couple things out to get it to $15 bucks and he runs it again.  No joy.  So the guy walks across the open space between the cash register and the bank and goes to run the same ATM card to see if he can get any money out of the machine.

The line behind me had grown, it was fairly busy at that time.  The cashier tried to call a manager to suspend the transaction.  I told the cashier to just add my butter to the guy’s bill and paid for it all.

Here’s the thing.  If it would’ve been some frazzled mom or some little old lady I wouldn’t have minded.  Might’ve even liked the possibility of coming across as a hero.  But it wasn’t a woman.  It was a guy just a couple years older than me.  So I tried to get the heck out of there before he came back from the ATM so I didn’t have to face him.  I didn’t know how to take his gratitude if he was thankful, and I didn’t want to face his anger if he was upset or embarrassed.  So I skeddaddled just as fast as my little legs would carry me.


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