To See or Not to See….

I have no idea how to properly capitalize that title.

Anyways, was just reading the Variety review of the new movie “Fort Bliss“.  These types of things are always tough for me.  The review makes it sound like a good movie, well worth seeing.  A different perspective.  Subject matter that’s close to my heart.

But the flip side is, to some extent, I’ve lived that.  And maybe it’s too close right now.  Or maybe it will be so filled with inaccuracies that it’ll bother me.  Will it make me feel guiltier than I already do for leaving my son three times?  Or grateful that our relationship is so healthy now in spite of those absences?  Will it give me a deeper respect for female veterans?  Or some how make me more bitter to them, either as a collective whole or towards specific ones in my circle?

Unfortunately, our reactions to things like films or books or art are so personal that we can’t even send an agent on our behalf to review and come back with a recommendation.  Sure, 99% of the time they might be able to guess whether we’ll enjoy it or not, but not always.  And with these “war” films there’s such minefield of triggers, it’s impossible to know what’s going to set you off.  I still think “Restrepo” is an excellent film that most should see, but I myself couldn’t watch it in one sitting.  I was…  excited to see the companion film “Korengal” but then some personal stuff happened and it’s somewhat ruined for me now.

I need to talk to my Dad about this.  What was it like in the 80s when all the Vietnam movies were coming out and how did he respond?


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