“Danny, when a cop catches a case like this he eats it and sleeps it.  He can disappear from his own life.”  “I got it Dad.”  “If you find yourself on your third beer with the TV on and the door closed, put it down, turn it off and go find Linda and the kids.”

A couple weeks ago I posted a link to an article about couples and how they need to turn to one another but that couples that fail might turn away from one another.  At the time I mentioned how I wished I’d read it then.

Hearing that quote on TV this morning really drove that point home to me.  Funny to hear a stereotyped tough guy tell another stereotyped tough guy to go find his family when things were going bad.  The exact opposite of what I was told.  Turning towards instead of away.  Letting those people help you in tough times.  Sounds pretty nice.  Kinda feels nice in practice too, when it’s not freaking me out.


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