One of my oldest friends had a birthday last week. I asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she said she wanted a long board from the shop. Fortunately she quickly clarified that she just wanted a discount, didn’t want me to pay for the whole thing. But she’s put up with me for 20 years, we’ve shared so many idiotic experiences that only the Army could provide… I told her I’d at least go halvsies with her.

I got called into the shop for a frantic last minute spray-job tonight. She only lives a couple of blocks from the shop so I had her come over to look at the decks and start picking her design out. When I got the homework assignment she was one of the first people I called, so after she got some good ideas and I was done spraying decks and was cleaning up we started talking about it and continued the talk on the ride home.

Add her to the list of friends who said that I’d always been emotionally closed off and that she always felt like I was always holding a lot back from her. And she’s another friend who was awesome about saying some wonderful things about me and dropping everything to help me out when I asked.

What was really interesting though, was that as we were talking about all this stuff, sitting in my jeep in front of her house, she stopped me to tell me how noticeable the change in me was in such a short period of time since we’d last seen one another. An emotional connection she’d never seen/felt with me before, a different “energy” and just a different feel about me and how positive it seemed. Not 100% sure what all that means, but I’ll take it.


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