Sports Night

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I love my little sister. When we were young we were forced to get along, we were always the new kids together. As we went off to school/the Army we kind of drifted apart but we’ve gotten a lot closer over the years and are probably more “friends” than “siblings” but it works well for us.

She’s the only person who listens to me and gets me exactly what I ask for as gifts. Usually it’s a gift card to Barnes and Noble or Amazon. But years ago they released Sports Night on DVD. That’s all I wanted and it’s exactly what I got. A couple years after that they released the 10th Anniversary set on DVD. She didn’t gripe about already buying the show for me. That’s what I wanted, that’s what she got me.

I always loved the show. I happily watched it when it was first broadcast and have watched it on DVD many times over the years. Those original DVDs went to Iraq and Afghanistan and were always a reminder of home and my sister. The characters were always relatable to me. Sure there were some over the top scenes but it made happy times happier and sadder times better. It was billed as a comedy but the reality is it was an office drama. Comedy was there, but there were so many relationship “things” going on that I got sucked in and cheered for this person to figure it out with that person and took it personally when it didn’t happen. Everyone’s been through the ups and downs of romance and can relate to at least one of the ways someone in the show feels about someone else.

This was one of the shows that I quickly grew to love that was of course canceled long before it should’ve been. And left a void for a bit. So last night my sister once again made my day when she sent me this link.  It wasn’t perfect, he stumbled here and there, but it was close, and fun.  Reminded me that it’s been a couple years since my last Sports Night marathon.  And while the weather is starting to turn and I’ll be outside more, hopefully there’s at least one more weekend where I’m snowed in and can get through the series again.  I need to hang out with those friends again.


One Response to “Sports Night”

  1. 1. Ooooo! I love Sports Night. Aaron Sorkin *and* Josh Charles? Brilliant, and as you say, gone too soon.
    2. Shows that move us like that and make life happier and/or not so bad are few and far between. It’s good when we find one.
    3. The person who will give you the gift you actually want, rather than the one they want to give you, is AMAZING. Maybe it’s something about sisters, because my sister is my person, too.

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