Last post I mentioned a couple sayings that I find myself repeating a lot.  Mantras I guess.  Another one that my family says a lot is “This too shall pass”.  However, what we’ve come to realize is that that applies to good things as well as bad, and you have to expect it.  That’s not doom and gloom.  Just enjoy it while it’s there, savor it, but have a tiny bit of your mind making prudent decisions for when the storm clouds come rolling in.  Have the rainy day fund, the six months salary in the bank for the potential badness, stay on good terms with friends in good times so they’re there in bad, etc. 

Things aren’t going terrible for me now.  But it’s funny, this time last year, all the stars were aligned and everything was at a high.  Job, personal life, professional networking, friends, health was stable, etc.  Nothing is terrible now, but those orbits are starting to get out of sync, and it’s easy to look at it from the outside and see that if I were a complainer/victim or wasn’t prepared a lot of these things would come in and bite me in the ass.  But because I’m the son of an prudent Iowa farm boy, I’m prepared.  I have to run from one plate to the other a little faster to keep them all spinning on their poles, and I have to pay more attention to some that I’ve neglected, and neglect some that are fun and that I want to spend more time with, but that balance is life.


3 Responses to “Sayings”

  1. I know how you’re feeling. A lot of my plates are looking pretty wobbly at this point!

  2. hm… I needed to read this right now. Thanks.

  3. I think I need to catch up…

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