I need a new hero…

I need a new book character to get engrossed in.

  • Robert B. Parker passed away.  I know someone has picked up the torch and is writing new Spenser books but it’s not the same.
  • Bob Lee Swagger is getting old.  I still love to read the series but Stephen Hunter isn’t cranking them out at a super fast pace.
  • Pretty sure that Dennis Lehane is done with the Kenzie/Gennaro series.
  • No idea how many times I’ve read the Travis McGee, Fletch, Flynn, Scarecrow, Bond, and Flynn books.
  • Greg Rucka would rather do comics than add to the Kodiak or new series.
  • Janet Evanovich, VInce Flynn, Patricia Cornwell and Brad Thor all stereotyped their characters and made me dislike them.
  • The Jack Daniels series is dead.

2 Responses to “I need a new hero…”

  1. If you haven’t read them, consider Elizabeth George’s Thomas Lynley novels (starts with A Great Deliverance, written in 1988). There are 18 of them. Also, perhaps Jonathan Kellerman’s Alex Delaware novels (technically starts with When The Bough Breaks from 1985, but *really* starts with Silent Partner from 1989). Heads up, though, these are not happy, adventure novels along the lines of Clive Cussler or Michael Crichton. They are pretty dark, psychological thrillers, but they are gripping and well written and both authors are prolific enough to keep you engrossed for a while. Oh! And maybe Tony Hillerman, although I don’t know his work as well.

    Finally, if you know the movies based on either George or Kellerman’s stuff, IGNORE THEM. The books are a bazillion times better.

    • BP – Thanks so much for the suggestions. I need to look at my book shelves. There was a short series where the main character was just as messed up as the people he was dealing with. He was a psychiatrist who was into drugs and other bad things to fight his own demons, but at the same time was getting dragged into helping the police profile and find bad guys. I may also revisit some of the cold war thrillers.

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