I’ve always admitted that I’m a pig, so I’m not sure why I’m still surprised by my behavior at times but I am.

When I first moved to Denver there was female DJ who’d used to live here, moved to Cali but was so popular that they broadcast her show here in Denver during morning rush hour.  I’d be flipping through the dial in the morning, hear a song I liked, stop then she’d come on.  The sound of her voice was like nails on a chalk board because she was so stupid and had some of the dumbest comments on everything.  Then I had to go to Cali for business, was driving the interstate and saw a giant billboard with her face on it.  She was cute!  All of a sudden she wasn’t so annoying or stupid, she was funny and had a sparkling personality.

Similarly, a friend pointed me to a blog online.  The writer just annoyed me, my eyes were just rolling in their sockets with every sentence it seemed.  Then I got to post of her in a bikini top.  Hubba-hubba.

The latest?  Joe Walsh.  No.  Wait.  Stay with me here.  I like the Eagles.  I’ve drank more than a couple beers in bars singing along with Hotel California.  But Joe Walsh was always just kind of there for me.  Most of his music was too slow for me, and I’d flip the channel if able when one of his songs came on.  Then a girl told me that she thought his songs were some of the sexiest in her mind.  That whenever Rocky Mountain Way came on she wanted to dance for her boyfriend, just push him down on the couch and make him watch her dance.

While I don’t think about her specifically when I hear one of his songs come one now, I do definitely have some mental images pop up in my head and I sure don’t turn the channel anymore…


2 Responses to “Oink-oink”

  1. Surely “pig” is too strong a word. Perhaps you are “heterosexually influenced” or “hedonistically minded.” 😉

  2. Way too kind/forgiving there Pobble.

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