I was driving to work this morning and a friend called.  We hadn’t talked in awhile and were just catching up.  Somehow we got onto politics and the friends we’ve lost in recent elections because they were such rabid supporters of “their guy” that they couldn’t respect anyone who didn’t feel the same way.  After we hung up I thought it about some more and for whatever reason was possessed to post the following on Facebook:

I really don’t care who you vote for.  If you’re a friend I respect the fact that you grew up differently than I did, that you were influenced by different things than I was and that you’ll have a different perspective and priorities and issues that you care about than I do.  However, I have zero urge to talk politics with you if you can’t admit that whoever you’re not voting for isn’t the ultimate evil, isn’t the dumbest person alive, and might have some good ideas or a different method of doing things that might be just as successful as your candidate’s way.  If you can admit those things I’m happy to have a political discussion with you.  It might get really heated, we might argue and need to walk away from it, but when it’s done I’ll probably respect you just as much, if not more than before it started.
While I was typing it, I started to wonder if I was possibly being a little hypocritical.  Had I ever defended my guy too staunchly?  Lost respect for someone for feeling the other way?  Been a little too closed minded?  I don’t know that I ever came to an answer but I posted it anyways.  The funny part is that within moments people started emailing, texting or messaging me asking if I was talking about them specifically.  And I really wasn’t, it was general disgust with the polarization of today’s politics and not a condemnation of any one person, although I’ve seen several of them get close to the line.  Obviously I cut everyone slack for FB posts, because there might be humor I don’t see, or they might’ve written something in a moment of frustration.  But obviously it’s a lot more common than I thought.

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