stupid soldier tricks

so yesterday i needed to run to radio shack really quick. when i left and got into my car i was driving out of the parking lot and two women came out of a store in front of me. one of them did a “woohoo!” jump off the curb, then they turned around and took off running. a store employee came running after them. i got to the parking lot exit and had to take a right, then another right, so i was able to watch the action as i was driving along. one of the women got into an SUV and the store employee grabbed the car door and ran along for a sec, then got dragged for a sec, then fell off. the suv then swerved to pick up the other woman who was still running towards the road, then headed towards the parking lot exit that i was also approaching.

a friend and i had been texting and when i got to the car i called her so she was on the phone as this was all going on. as i got to the exit i didn’t really think about it, i just said “hold on a sec” and twitched the steering wheel and blocked the exit. the SUV sped up, for a second i thought it would hit me, then it swerved, jumped the curb, drove through the planter and drove off. but i got the license plate number from the front (it was missing a back one), made my friend help me recite the number over and over so i could remember it while i drove back to the store. i didn’t really tell her what was going on while it was happening, just said “robbery, help me remember this number”, then got back to the store, hung up on her and went in and gave them the details.

when i got back to my truck and called her back, she of course made me explain. she said for a second she heard something in my voice when i said “hold on”. i’m assuming that was the “huh. am i insured for this if they hit me?”

her comment to the story? “hey, dumbass, you’re not really in the army any more. knock that shit off. getting the plate would’ve been enough.”


5 Responses to “stupid soldier tricks”

  1. Old habits die hard 🙂

  2. Army of One? :o)

  3. If I’m ever hurt, I want you nearby. If I ever rob a store, I don’t.

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