this isn’t a “so I have this’friend'” post…

i’m not sitting around thinking these thoughts, it’s just a curiousity thing. i might’ve thought the original thoughts that ballooned out of control and created the question, but…

anyways. i was wondering when it starts being suicidal impulses. if a guy knows that riding a motorcycle without a helmet is dangerous but does it anyways is it just foolish behavior? or a death wish? or a suicidal impulse? a guy or girl who volunteers for repeated deployments not because they want to serve, or want to be with their mates, but do it because they don’t care about life anymore? folks who drink and drive because they are depressed or hate life? or say someone has a terminal illness. when does it stop being “living like there is no tomorrow?”


One Response to “this isn’t a “so I have this’friend'” post…”

  1. So I’m thinking we could talk about this… 🙂 Hang in there, friend.

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