holy crap i suck at asking girls out

went into the store with a friend the other day and the service rep was very cute, very personable and most importantly a smart-ass. went back the next day by myself and couldn’t look her in the eye and barely managed to mumble the parts i needed much less overcoming the baby anxiety attack at the thought of asking her on a date. i’ve been shot at, blown up, jumped out of planes and i can’t say “hi. you’re amazing. would you like to have dinner with me?”


4 Responses to “holy crap i suck at asking girls out”

  1. LMAO!!!!
    So many comments… 😉

  2. How about printing this out, going into the store, handing it to her, and waiting to see what she says?


  3. I like TC’s idea.

  4. Aw, I think your anxiety is precious. Why is it the janitors and trash collectors of the world never panic when asking me if I have a boyfriend?

    And I just love how dodging death is far less scary to you than asking out a chick.

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