change is the only constant…

in the last year or 2, the majority of the people that i subscribe to using google reader who actively post have decreased significantly. i probably have 40-50 subscriptions but a couple of those are now locked (why can’t they have an “e-mail blog owner” functionality built into the page when someone locks their blog so you can send them a note and request access?), a small handful post sporadically, a much smaller number post regularly and the rest have all disappeared. either gotten offline, or they use twitter or facebook now. but you always wonder. in the years i’ve been blogging i know of two bloggers who’ve unfortunatey passed away. their family/friends were gracious enough to let the blogging community know what happened but would that always be the case? sounds cheesy, but i’m going to take a few seconds to send out some good wishes/prayers for people i’ve never met.


2 Responses to “change is the only constant…”

  1. I agree with you on the email blog owner thing…

  2. As an owner of a private blog, I wish there was a way to send out a feed when I post. If there was, I might post more often as maybe I’d still have more than a handful of readers.

    It’s all connected.

    I do the same thing. I get so involved in other people’s lives, even though we’ve never met. I’d LOVE to have a huge party with all my blog readers. I think that would be amazing.

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