“were you there when we fished that body out of the river?”

really not something you hear everyday. i called my dad tonight to tell him something funny/stupid that my boss did and we got to talking about my little sister. she’s got a new job and doubts herself and her abilities. my dad was expressing some concerns about that, and i was just saying that that’s not unique to my sister. how many times have you been in a situation where something goes wrong, everyone in the room knows what they SHOULD do, but only one or two people step up and actually act? whether it’s breaking up a fight, or defending someone from a verbal attack or whatever? i remember as a kid, growing up in a town with only one stoplight and someone running the light and getting in an accident. we were probably ten cars back, my dad pulled the car to the shoulder, ran up to the intersection and started taking control of the situation. the first aid training kicked in, he got traffic moving, etc. why didn’t anyone else take charge? so we were talking about a couple of different situations like that and all of a sudden he asks “so where you there when we fished that body out of the river?” i don’t remember it, but it was an interesting segue.


2 Responses to ““were you there when we fished that body out of the river?””

  1. At least the conversation was interesting? 🙂

  2. I just love it you are posting!

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