stupid shit that keeps me awake at night and fights with the beloved ambien/lunesta: which is worse, to wear star-spangled boxers or to throw them away? And if you do throw them away, is there any special… ceremony? do I have to burn them like a flag? or just pitch’em? And who the hell thought that’d be a good idea, both in general AND as a gift for me. It’s a flag, a symbol of the nation, not a fashion statement. And oh my goodness I’m glad I got Bad Boys on cable and got a young Tea Leoni fix. When they hell are they coming out with a box set of “Flying Blind”. Is it wrong to hate my neighbors for still putting off fireworks after midnight the day after the 4th? Why am I spending so much time working on an inherited almost basket-case 1970 Yamaha Samarai 250 when I’ve got a beautiful 1971 Triumph in need to TLC and a Harley with less than 1000k miles on it so far this year? Although hmmmm, that rotary valve 2 stroke engine would be fun to play with if I can get it running. And it’d be fun to repaint it by hand. And who the hell can my 100% cotten new dress shirt be wrinkle free? I don’t remember much about all my high school years in retail but I did learn some textile science and I’m pretty sure you coated that with something. Which kinda makes it no longer 100% natural cotton. And on, and on, and on…


2 Responses to “insomnia!”

  1. That’s me on a really bad date. Or, um, during super lame sex. Do I need eggs? I think I need eggs.

  2. Take that Hog for a ride, clear your head, then go to sleep.

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