work is really getting fun…

in the last year i’ve been able to get four of my friends jobs with different companies. i’ve met a lot of new people that i now consider to be friends. with a little luck i’ll place two more people within the next two months at positions they like. i’m working hard to rebuild my professional network and am trying to create a work situation that will allow me to work with friends, people i enjoy spending time with and trust in negotiations. sure they’ve got an agenda, but they’re fairly up front about it and i’ve got one too. it’s really helped me to have fun and be successful this last year. my new boss starts tomorrow and i’m hoping the fun and high productivity can continue.


3 Responses to “work is really getting fun…”

  1. that is awesome. today i start a new job where the hr lady is my friend and she is the one who told me about the job. looks like a fun company. awesome pay, good benefits, etc. i figure we spend more time with our coworkers than our spouses or family, might as well make it enjoyable. good luck with the new boss!

  2. I’m going to file this under “shit I never thought I’d hear for you”


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