so i wouldn’t call her a girlfriend, but a crush. she ended up picking another guy over me and i saw a picture of the “competition” the other day. and let me just say “whew”. but not for the reasons someone might think.

i’m not passing any personal judgements on the guy. not saying he wasn’t attractive or whatever. but there wasn’t something about him that jumped out. it wasn’t like “oh, he’s a blonde adonis” or “he’s got six inches and 100lbs on me” or “wow, did he saw a baseball bat in half and shove it down his pants or he packing serious heat?” no, the guy was just a guy. nothing special to ME, but a normal, real guy so i’m sure she sees something in him, something REAL. something that clicks. and i’m totally cool with that. that’s the way it should be. i’ve never understood when someone looks at their “replacement” and says “i don’t get it, what’s he/she/it got that i don’t?” that’s the point. you can’t see it, which is probably why you weren’t a good match for the object of your unrequited affections. to me, if there had been some tangible, superficial item that caught my eye, i’d feel worse. that’d mean she was a shallow, insensitive person who i’d completely misjudged. but she’s not. she’s great and followed her heart.


5 Responses to “”

  1. Ah, that sucks…

    • doesn’t suck so much. it was awhile ago that this happened. so it wasn’t like pouring salt into wounds or anything. it actually made things better.

  2. People should be with the person they click with. Well said.

  3. You’ll find your “click” soon……
    but sorry she wasn’t the one

  4. Wow, um, on this front you’re way more mature than I am. Fat ankles are fair game in my book and I don’t care how much of a great couple they make.

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