on music…

i don’t remember my dad ever really cranking the music to unlistenable levels. think he did as a kid? he always had some of the best speakers/stereo equipment around growing up. did he grow out of that at some point? is that something unique to the generations after him? sitting here at 11:30pm playing music so loud on earphones so that it’ll help turn the brain off, kill urges to go and do and and just help get to a mellow spot. it’s something i’ve done for the last couple years especially. and i don’t think i’m unique here. is it something we’ll outgrow? hard to imagine trying to crank a heavy bass line so you can feel it rather than hear it when i’m 70.


3 Responses to “on music…”

  1. Of course you will play it loud when you are 70. If you keep cranking the music now you will lose your hearing, and by the time you are 70 you will have to “crank a heavy bass line so you can feel it rather than hear it”. 😉

  2. Without fail, when I get back in my car the morning after a late night drive home, the volume dial is set ridiculously high. Like it stings my barely awake eardrums. But the night before? It was blaring at just the right level to block out my screaming along to the songs.

  3. I know exactly what you’re talking about Paige Jennifer. Happens to me all the time.
    And whereas I don’t remember the music “blaring” in my house, I can remember hearing my father play records while he did paperwork in the evenings, after we’d gone to bed, and my mother was at work. Falling asleep two or three nights a week with Rumors or Zeppelin 4 lingering at the edge of your hearing will certainly have an affect on you. 😉

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