this makes me happy…

so i’m sure you’ve all seen this already, i’m a little behind the times.  but if you haven’t:

pretty self explanatory.  the guy who wrote/sings the song was traveling, united broke his guitar and then refused to pay for repairs.  he paid $1200 bucks to get it fixed but says it’s not the same.  he fought with them for a year and warned them that he was going to write 3 songs, make videos and distribute them.  this is the first of the 3.

i love this.  i used to work customer service lines and customers would frequently threaten to take out full page ads when we wouldn’t give them a free product or something.  usually they were wrong, hadn’t read their instructions or were at fault and wanted something free and wanted to vent.  it wasn’t like this situation where the company was at fault.  what’s great about this though is maybe it scares the hell out of companies.  shows them not to mess with the little guy or take their customers for granted.  over 200000 views in less than five days, news articles.  the little man has a voice today.

it doesn’t work for everyone.  i ranted and raved about apple’s terrible customer service and selling products to their customers with known defects and then refusing to make things right, or making the process to get satisfaction so difficult that customers can’t or won’t jump through all the hoops.  that did nothing, i couldn’t even keep some of you from buying new apple products.  but on the flipside i wrote a recommendation to buy from instead of because the products were very similar but half the price.  within 24 hours i had a post from a zagg representative and the owner of  best skins ever wrote me an email (and as a sidebar, the best skins ever shield is still on my g1 and still working well.  both the zagg and the bse product have some issues when i put them in my pocket (anyone wants to talk about htis, i’d be happy to).  i took a razor and cut the shield down so that only the screen is protected because it started to peel off at the corners but the same thing has happened with the zagg brand on my mp3 players).  but the threat’s there.  and if it brings back a higher level of service and responsibility it’s a good thing.

any ways, this makes me happy.  power to the people!


3 Responses to “this makes me happy…”

  1. I loved this- and I had not heard the story. I am glad you posted it 🙂

  2. MartinisandMarketing Says:

    LOL! I love it! I’ve never seen it before, so I guess I’m also behind the times.

  3. I, too, was behind because I hadn’t seen it either. Good for him! These big companies need to be put in their place sometimes!

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