a couple weeks i really screwed my neck up SITTING DOWN.  yes.  that’s right.  i was sitting down and something went funny and for the next four or five days i could barely move my head.  eventually i made it to a chiropractor, he did his thing and i got most of my mobility back.  there was still some pain but that was cool, as long as i could move.  this last weekend the tightness started coming back and by monday morning i couldn’t turn my head to the right again.  i’d already made a follow up appointment with the chiro and when i was in there he said “well, the adjustments aren’t working as much as i’d like so let’s stick some needles in you.”  i’d never had accupuncture before but i wasn’t too nervous about it.  the needles went in and i barely felt it until they hit the muscle knots.  he left the ones in my back in for about ten minutes but only left the ones in the neck in for a couple seconds.  within moments almost all of my pain was gone and i had full mobility back.  the rest of the day things felt great.  today a little more of the pain is back but i was still able to move.  i’ve got a follow up on thursday and he said he’s going to stick me again a couple more times.

eventually i’m going to have my shoulders cut open but i think this will buy me a couple more years.  i’m definitely a believer.


4 Responses to “accupuncture”

  1. Did I ever tell you I have a deformed neck? It turns all funky. And, apparently, looking down aggravates it…this they tell a 5’11” girl who teaches 4′ munchkins. Anywho, I went to therapy. And, they gave me a bunch of stuff to do at home. It helps to some degree, but every now and then there is a horrible horrible pain that runs all the way to the top of my head that makes me think I am dying….perhaps I should give the needles a shot….. I’ll talk to my PT guy and see what he says. Thanks for the tip 🙂

  2. i don’t know why i named it “accupressure” instead of “accupuncture”. duh.

  3. I recently made my blog private. I can’t seem to find an email for you. Please email me at, and I will add you.

  4. In keeping with my earlier facebook rant, IRONICALLY, I am afraid of needles but want another tattoo. I don’t know how I’d do with accupuncture.

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