damn the man!

So I decided to buy a new sports coat. My current ones are a couple years old and there were some good sales going on.

I’ve got two interviews today so I laid my outfit out last night and threw the new sports coat on top of the pile. I’d cut all the tags off the night I bought it. So I wake up this morning and complete the rituals and throw the coat on for one last check. And as I lift my arm to brush my curly locks into place I notice the ink/security tag on the bottom of the sleeves. D’oh!


3 Responses to “damn the man!”

  1. Good luck with the interview(s)!

    My Mom actually wore pants out with an ink tag in them before, lol. If you still have the receipt, it shouldn’t be much of an issue to get it removed.

  2. Yeah, I’d stroll right in, dressed for the interview.
    I actually had that happen to me once when I didn’t have the receipt. I was away, for a wedding, and I’d bought a dress at a specialty store because it was a medieval themed wedding. I get to my hotel and take the dress out of the garment bag, and notice the tag attached. Fortunately, the desk clerk pointed me in the direction of the mall, and it luckily had a Hot Topic there! I begged, and begged, and they took the tag off for me.

  3. New blog game up if you want to play

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