so i’ve talked in the past about how sometimes i don’t recognize the guy in the mirror, that i’m shocked when i look back at all i’ve done and how far i’ve come.  sometimes it’s looking at my uniform and seeing how many freaking ribbons and awards i’ve earned.  or seeing the number of service strips and combat tour hashes.  a couple months ago i was watching some video someone had shot while we were out on the range, and he got some footage of me demonstrating some close quarters tactics to some junior soldiers.  holy smokes, i looked like i knew what i was doing.  i might actually be deadly.

so before Christmas i was in the craft store, standing in line to check out.  there was a kind of cute older woman in line in front of me.  we were going nowhere fast and she started talking to me.  now i don’t know if she was really hitting on me or not, but sometimes i have to lie to myself for the sake of my ego.  so we’ll say she was.  and i thought to myself “awww, how cute, i’m getting hit on by an older woman.”  then we were talking about a re-issue of a toy and how we could remember when it first came out and as we were talking about it, all of a sudden i realized that it was ME that was the older one and she was probably my younger sister’s age or a little younger.  that was kind of humbling.

the end.


8 Responses to “ouch…”

  1. I bet she was just one of those people who ages poorly….unlike you and me of course.

  2. Ha-ha. Snicker.

    Happy upcoming New Year to you, Sean.

    I didn’t know you had gotten lots of awards and ribbons. E-mail me a picture and I’ll ‘perv’ over you (lol). You can have another older woman hitting on you, albeit cyber 🙂

    Wait until you read about the drama on my blog. Took myself to northern California for vacation for 5 days for my Xmas present to myself, and…
    Grrrr !

    Be good, be safe, talk to you soon or sometime or whichever comes first !

    Loving Annie

  3. Am I the only one who sees the humor of the sentences “I may actually be deadly” and “I was in the craft store” being side by side in this story?

    This is why we love you, Sean. So glad to be reading you again!!! Please don’t go away any more……..

  4. No, SBS, you’re not the only one. I cracked up laughing at that one, too.

    And ditto on SBS’s comment as well.

    As for “older” women hitting on you, I’m older than you (not by much but technically older). Next time I’m drunk and online at 2:00 in the morning again, I’ll show you “hitting on you”. LMAO!!!!

  5. holy smokes, i looked like i knew what i was doing. i might actually be deadly.


    Hilarious 🙂 I’ve missed this.

  6. Just wait until the 14 year old boy that holds the door for you is really the doctor that’s going to give your pap smear.



    Well, doctors and cops look like children to me now, every one of them. That’s what I meant to say.

  7. My family has nicknamed our primary care physician Doogie Houser. Right.

  8. Thats how I feel when the student teachers all show up , honestly I have mistaken them for students…they look like they are all of 12

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