first the hate:
blah-blah-blah copyright, blah-blah-blah protect the artists, blah-blah-blah piracy.

i understand that. i get it. doesn’t make it any less irritating in many of ways. a lot of music labels have been putting music videos on youtube, but disabling the embed feature. so i lose the convenience of embedding the video here with you guys, possibly sparking enough interest that one of two of you searches around youtube and find a couple more songs, are really interested and go buy the cd or download the songs from itunes. now i have to copy the link, no one will click on it, and that interest is never generated.

then take it a step further. other people besides the lable put the songs up, the label bugs youtube to remove them and there’s nothing for me to link to. and no easy way to quickly say “go check this person out”.

i’d assume everyone is smart enough to google and chase downloads and “steal” the video if they really wanted to. but realistically how many of my readers are going to do that? i know what software i could use to capture the video, or depending on what site it’s from, i could go into my temp files and pull it out, but why? why waste my harddrive space if it’s available online quickly.

it’s really just irritating as hell. and if you’re really anti-piracy or pro-artists’ rights or an artist or whatever, i really don’t need justification for the process. you’re not going to change my mind.

the love:
after all of that, you’ve got to realize how much i’m taken by brandi carlile to have searched for a different site that hadn’t pulled her video yet. it’s from a live show and i like it so much better than the recorded version. which is really rare for me, normally i like “polished”. but the live version here just seems so much more tangible to me. and i love the facial expressions.

funny thing? i like this video so much, and all the others i’d found of her live on youtube that i immediately went searching for tickets to her next show in denver, and was so pissed that she was playing the week after i left to come back to afghanistan. i’d have bought the ticket that moment based on the video that’s now been yanked, and honestly am tempted to travel to go see her live as soon as i get back. i want a trip anyways and just need a destination/purpose.


4 Responses to “love/hate”

  1. It appears to be all Miami until March 09 so far. Beach would be nice in the winter :o)

  2. you are obsessed ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. obsessed with posting youtube videos or brandi carlile?

  4. I’d never heard of her before today- and I watched her video twice…
    cried both times!
    Thanks for sharing your obsession ๐Ÿ™‚

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