weird little thoughts…

the military has these tiny little pound cakes in some of their meals ready to eat (i.e. the mre or three lies for the price of one).  i usually like them, so if i don’t eat them when i’m eating the meal, it’s one of the things i’ll save, because i’m a packrat.  tonight i was craving something sweet and remembered that i had a poundcake in one of my footlockers.  i dug it out and opened it.  it was pumpkin, and the scent was so strong it kind of knocked me back for a second.  it just kind of dawned on me how bland this country is in so many ways.  the only things you smell around here seem to be bad things.  not to mention it’s so dusty and windy here my nose is always clogged and most of the time it seems like that’s all i can smell.  so i just sat there for a minute and enjoyed it.  but then it reminded me of the deoderant i bought in germany on the way home for leave.  we were stuck in the airport for hours, and i’d been on the go for about 72 hours straight, without a shower and i’d been stuck in hot tents, on hot planes and had to throw bags around in kuwait.  so i was feeling pretty gross and bought a tooth brush and some toothpaste and on an impulse bought some nivea deodorant.  a couple times since then, i’ve caught a whiff of it while i’ve been applying it, and it just dawned on me that part of the reason that i like it is that it IS so fragrant, and smells so clean and different than the norm here.  normally i tend to reach for the “non scented” stuff.  or maybe i just like it because i’m cheap and lazy and don’t see the need to go buy anything else when i’ve already paid for that.  who knows.  this is already way too much self-realization for me.


One Response to “weird little thoughts…”

  1. When are you going to let me send you Tastykakes, anyway? Raar!

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