secret confession time people…

so.  when i first heard about the sarah connor chronicles i rolled my eyes and was sure it was going to suck and vowed never to watch it.  then i heard that lena headey was going to star and was kinda interested in her but still didn’t want to see the show.  then i got sent to afghanistan and was bored silly and wanted to procrastinate from doing homework. 

now i’m somewhat addicted.  i’ve watched the entire first season and am cranky that i’m missing the 2nd.  and the worst part?  i kinda like brian austin green.


One Response to “secret confession time people…”

  1. Guess I am lame and I am going to have to Google this. But what I have learned from my addiction to Weeds is that you can pretty much watch any show online. I watched seasons 1 thru 3 of Weeds on Netflix and then was too cheap to upgrade to Showtime in order to watch season 4 in real time…then I found out I could watch it on YouTube or various other sites.

    Hope you can find your show!

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