my little slice of heaven…

so i’ve decided that i’m usually happiest when in transit.  going to a short school, or on a business trip.  some conference someplace.  i like being in a new place, by myself, just wandering at my own pace, figuring out my own rythms until i’m comfortable there.  i don’t have to “get lost” in the new city, just wandering around the immediate vicinity of my hotel or whatever…

after my leave was over i started the trip home.  or back here.  whatever.  and yes, home is where you drop your ruck.  this place has been “home” for 9 months now.  anyways, part way here there’s a base where we stop at and get sorted out.  people going to iraq over here, people going to afghanistan over here, etc…  then you wait for flights.  sometimes you’re on the ground less than a day, sometimes you’re waiting days for a flight.  i was lucky enough to get stuck there for 3 or four days.  it was wonderful. 

there were absolutely NO responsibilities.  the first day there i slept for almost 20 hours.  the next couple of days were similar.  wake up, go check in for accountability purposes.  go eat breakfast and take a nap.  wander around and see if there’s a flight.  go take another nap.  eat lunch.  wander over and watch a movie, do some homework or read a book.  take another nap.  eat dinner.  wander around the base a little bit, mosey through the px, watch another movie or check email, go to bed and start it all over.  there were flush toilets, hot water in the showers, washers and dryers, a decent pizza hut and mcd’s.  i got to wear shorts and a t-shirt and no one needed anything from me.  hell, most people didn’t know exactly where i was. 

bliss.  it’s the little things…


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